SURECEM is an economical general purpose early strength cement that is ideal for concrete, mortar, plaster & bricks.

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SURECEM is formulated with early strength characteristics for use in concrete, mortar, plaster, bricks, blocks, small precast works and DIY applications


This cement complies with the 32,5 R strength class of SANS 50197-1 for common cements and is identified as:

  • Portland Composite Cement CEM II/A 32,5 R
  • Portland Composite Cement CEM II/B 32,5 R

Where “CEM II” denotes Portland Composite Cement, “A” denotes an extender content between 6 and 20%, and “B” denotes an extender content between 21 and 35%. The extender quantity and type vary according to source factory


  • Cement should be stored in a weather proof shed or container
  • It should be closely packed, away from doors and windows
  • It should be packed off the floor, and on plastic
  • It should be covered with a plastic sheet or tarpaulin
  • It should be stored so as to ensure “first in – first out” use


  • Do not stack bags more than 12 units high
  • Do not stack more than two pallets high
  • Pick up bags correctly to avoid injury
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Cement and cement paste are highly alkaline and chemical burns may occur
Weight 50 kg


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